tumblr_mj1q5jmC2w1rqgv0oo1_1280Welcome to the guide, for totally uninitiated authors, who have just realised they have to buy a computer and develop a third writing arm!

I am sure you are all finding absolutely TONS of information from Indie publishers, and also spotting the ones I am beginning to think of as the ‘gurus’ of this exciting new arena. The ones who have worked hard, and learnt fast, and are so passionate to help us – who trail helplessly, mouths open at the sheer volume to be absorbed.

I am learning, and will share all I can, but most of you will be way ahead of me, so perhaps this I am speaking to those of us who have only just put on our trainers, and are jogging, stomachs clenched, on the starting line!


From the beginning of my journey…

There is a certain lady whose book was the very first step in my musings on the possibilities of publishing for myself rather than be buried with my one hundredth draft, and eighty-fifth ‘bag the agent’ day behind me.

Her name is Catherine Ryan Howard, and I like her idea of collecting a few tweets and articles for general consumption. Anything to save us all time so we can recoup writing time seems sensible. Thank you Catherine.

I will try, for anyone who feels as terrified as me by this mountain, to return the favour, and post up a few bits and bobs I come across, that I hope might be of interest.

I would also like to advise, though, that I may not agree with the article – wouldn’t the world be dull if that were so?

So here goes… by three of my favourite gurus – all very different styles:

How to Get Your Book Published


Blogging basics