Friends, I have discovered Instagram! For me, it’s the easiest, funniest of them all :)

So now I have the blog, the tweet, the snap and the chat of FB. A tumble is being improved, but I have resisted the pin, so far!

And as you all know, this is only a few mainstream channels!

So as I am a self-confessed reluctant blogger – having discovered I prefer to read of other people’s lives, books, and advice – I am streamlining this blog for a bit. I have done this in the past, but this time, I shall stay with a regular monthly post – a sort of round-up of news and views – others and my own!

I will still post the Friday quote – I don’t think I could make it through the week-end without some Friday Food for thought!

Find me on the above links tweeting, and snapping, reviewing and chatting.

Find my reviews on Goodreads, or on Amazon, and I do pop up on a real blogger’s site now and then :)

But most of all, I am writing. Writing. Writing. Writing :)))

It’s true I escape, once in a while, and can be seen squinting at the occasional litfest or author event, heading towards the tea, cake, and later, wine!

Oceans is set for release around the end of August 2015 – and I will, of course, post news on all the above channels – I may even produce that rarely-sighted object – my newsletter!

I will be back on the first of July, and meanwhile don’t forget to pop in for that Friday feel-good feeling – helped by my author on a Friday spot!

Byeeee :)

week-ends = family!

MONDAY MIX – for those at the beginning of the path

OwlI am trying, on Monday Mix, to post a tiny bit of help for those just starting out on the idea of self-publishing.

As I am finding useful information, I shall try to pass it on. As you build up the names of the very good blogs, websites, and articles that are out there – you can build up your own repertoire of self-help and breaking news.

I have read there are on average 900 articles on self-publishing out at any one time – well – I shall simply post anything I find interesting on my journey of learning – and if it guides one person to one new inspiration- then that’s a beginning, for now.

Over the week-end, I read a lovely guide to marketing your book, once it is published. This is jumping ahead a little, or is it? I have found the drive to keep learning – whether it be creating a professional product, or how to harness social media – is all fuelled by the final aim of publishing, and reaching readers.

So many different motivations, but only one way. For all of us; publishing houses and publishers single!

I wonder how the travelling bards of old marketed their tales?


Using an e-mail signature to promote your book

Thoughts on self-publishing…

Jargon of a new world. Gatekeepers. Blogs. Twitter feeds. Formatting. Alli. Domain name. POD. epub. Facebook stats. Territories. Royalties. Blog guests. Metadata. Functionality. Readability. Widgets and Shepherds. Online platforms. 800,000 followers. Or one? People people, people, Friedman, Gaughran, Konrath and Penn, Howard, Baverstock, Bingham and then, Friedlander, Irving, Eye-dancers, more, McCullough, Ladyhouse, Amir and Shaw.

Whether you have just found WordPress, or become a lion of the jungle; please feel free to throw more names back at me! (And humblest apologies for the many names who do not fit this time!)