A March Blog

Got you!


The earth and its life beneath stir,

Shaking off the cold, hard crust,

Bulbs erupt in bursts of spring glory,

and bask in the strengthening sun.


Joyous light, creator of all,

Push out your rays,

Reach the ground.

Reach us.


Globe of hope and warmth,

Raise the bulbs, wake the buds,

Stir the young, feed the earth.

Let us not forget your power,

And your joy.

welsh sheep




Friday Fruitfulness flees for the Easter Hop!

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Your Friday quotation is not here!

You will find it at the bottom of this post, along with a lovely surprise…

Easter is a time of exciting change, and this Friday I would like to share a wonderful group of authors with you, in the SilverWood Authors Spring Hop 2014. Here is the introduction from SilverWood’s Publishing director, Helen Hart:

Welcome to the SilverWood Books Blog Hop!

A few of our authors have come together to share a variety of articles and items of interest on their blogs for your enjoyment. There are some lovely giveaway prizes, and – to stay in keeping with the Spring and rebirth theme at this time of year – some colourful Easter eggs. Feel free to collect the eggs, and use them where you like. They were drawn by SilverWood author Peter St John who writes the ‘Gang’ series about a boy who was evacuated to a village near Ipswich during WWII. Meet Peter and his characters on the Blog Hop, along with a host of eggcellent SilverWood authors. ;-)

 Have fun!

Helen Hart


After Friday Fruitfulness – hop over and see what they have in store, too!

NOAH with Russell Crowe has just been released. It has, of course, caused a stir. With its biblical theme, inevitably not all are at peace with its messages. I hope, though, that all the world, and all religions would agree that change is an inevitable part of life, and love, whatever your beliefs.

Just as a new mother struggles to keep up with the changing daily needs of her tiny creation; so must the older mother adapt to the quiet departure of her full-grown child.

We live in a changing world. Animal kingdoms become extinct daily, and the climate seems to be performing alarming jumps of behaviour. The internet reshapes itself second-by-second. Like an intelligent virus it reforms within moments – swallowed by hungry teenagers, commerce, governments. Religion adapts. College terms clash with Easter, but the Pope and the Dalai Lama tweet.

To be at peace, we must embrace change.

Within the time it has taken me to write these lines, what has changed? The dishwasher beeps its end, the dog has woken, the flower unfurled.

Spring has filled the hedgerows with blossom, and the fields with crops…


A new world of writing awaits, and the characters in a special Old World are stirring to be released. My own novel, TOXICS was published by SilverWood last December, and I must now embrace change if its sequel is ever to reach its readers. I must learn to talk about the one, whilst I find the peace to finish the other!

Easter, and spring, are such a wonderful time – I hope you enjoy clicking on the links below for a lovely variety of articles, and the surprise? – A lucky draw for all who comment below – the winner, of course, receives a signed copy of TOXICS (please ensure you leave contact details for me to find you if you win!)

 Happy Reading :)


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Helen Hart : SilverWood Books Ltd



‘There is no question that climate change is happening; the only arguable point is what part humans are playing in it.’

David Attenborough