Consequences 1: Burt on a Friday

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A new year has begun – so let’s tweak the Friday quotes – to spice it up in 2016 let’s play the old game of consequences, or whatever you call it over the Ocean?!

Each Friday quote should link…and off we go – I’ll begin!

(If you want to join in, just add one in a comment, and I will pick it up and carry on from there…)

‘…all that happens leaves its traces upon the earth by nightfall…’

Isabel Burt, TOXICS 

Blog of December

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Happy December to you all! I love this month, for its message of hope and love, of family, and of spirituality. I think it manages to push through despite the consumer hijacking of recent decades.

I hope you find some peace and joy in moments of reflection.

After my little book party in Hunts, Rugby, on the 5th December, I aim to do so, whilst enjoying the opportunity to continue with the research and planning on my latest novel – a departure from pure fantasy, but staying firmly in the realms of mystical joy, natural mysteries, and the humour to be found in man!



A novel takeaway?


OCEANS –  will be published end of summer. So in early celebration I am making a little offer!

(Drum roll)

A signed copy of OCEANS to any subscriber who begins a fresh ten on the list from the day this is posted. (To be sent within 7 days of its release – late summer – details will be on the newsletter, of course!)

So that’s the first, tenth, twentieth, etc for a period of ten days from this post.


Don’t forget to enter your email by clicking on the ‘occasional novel news’ email link as you leave… meanwhile I must get back to the Ocean…Reuben and Felicity are wanting my attention these days :)




When I write, I surround myself with images, and sounds, until I am cocooned in the world being created.

Or, I may go to a cafe, and let the white noise of folk and faces create the blur against which I can write – like a child listening to the noises of the household as it drifts slowly off to another world.

The internet, however, has brought a new toy into my worlds of escape – live streaming!

I can be under the ocean, in a city, high on an Osprey’s nest…the possibilities are endless.

Writing of places under the sea, in Oceans, the sequel to Toxics, it is wonderful to hear the sounds of the Ocean as I write, and to quietly watch the movements of fish, on a live camera, before I begin.

It stills my thoughts, and removes me from the endless lists of daily life, and then the words return.

Agatha Christie had her favourite Seaside hideaway in Devon, and writers throughout time have sought their escapes.

If you are not fortunate enough to have a clifftop haven, or a shepherds hut in the woods, or even a garden shed – then try using live streaming, and audio clips.

Like a child covering their eyes in order to hide – it’s amazing where you can go!

Under the Ocean 

Why don’t you let me know where you escape to?

Tuesday Thesaurus of Thoughts – Sustaining the dream

Sri Lanka

Welcome if this is the first time you have hopped in for a look!

Today’s post is mildly philosophical – I was thinking of reality versus fantasy.

That practicalities can challenge our dreams.

How to sustain the dream, then?

Walt Disney dreamed large, and if any of you have seen ‘Saving Mr Banks’, recently, it will have reminded you that he was, in an old friend’s favourite phrase – ‘A self-made man’.

Imagination spins the dream – Persistence and Resilience sustain it.

We can all dream. Ask any child.

I left ‘Saving Mr Banks’ thinking more of the cranky old author who had transformed a terrible childhood experience into a beautiful, inspiring story, and how hard it must have been for her, and yet she succeeded.

What will you do with your ideas?

Whatever you do – never give up! :)

Here are just a few, from all walks of life, who are a testament to the power of dreams. I am sure you can think of many, many yourself.

Albert Einstein

JRR Tolkein

Gerald Durrell 

JK Rowling

Bill Gates     

William Wilberforce

Mother Teresa  

Richard Branson

Walt Disney

St Francis of Assisi

Florence Nightingale

Leonardo da Vinci 

WEDNESDAY WORDS – two little thimbles of news!

Here is an extra thimble of news or two…

3d4Thimble 1:

TOXICS BOOK SIGNING EVENT! Come to #Waterstones MK at 72 Midsummer Place MARCH 8th 11-2pm for a signed copy! Would you also like to find out what Felicity and Reuben are getting up to since Toxics? ;)

Safety!  Thimble 2:

As mentioned on my Twitter and Facebook page: I have done a little rant on a friend’s blog, so hop over to:

-and leave me your impressions of books you read as a child.

See you tomorrow!