A novel takeaway?


OCEANS –  will be published end of summer. So in early celebration I am making a little offer!

(Drum roll)

A signed copy of OCEANS to any subscriber who begins a fresh ten on the list from the day this is posted. (To be sent within 7 days of its release – late summer – details will be on the newsletter, of course!)

So that’s the first, tenth, twentieth, etc for a period of ten days from this post.


Don’t forget to enter your email by clicking on the ‘occasional novel news’ email link as you leave… meanwhile I must get back to the Ocean…Reuben and Felicity are wanting my attention these days :)


TUESDAY THESAURUS – Chorleywood Indie Fair


I am escaping! My favourite thing – off to have some fun with other authors, and have a lovely afternoon chatting of books and men!

Actually, it’s not till November, but I had to mention it now – Felicity, Reuben and I are going along, and I may even bring them out of Toxics to life, for a moment.

Meanwhile, in order to prepare for that, we are going to practice meeting our readers -I may even share with you my early experiences of reading aloud to my victims – something I have successfully avoided doing since school days :)

I would love to hear how it went for you, if you found yourself, as a new indie author – holding your book in your hands, and speaking those words aloud for the very first time!


Chorleywood Indie Fair